Similar to our other services, our Credit Research services are custom solutions where we replicate your processes for your Cresco team. When it comes to credit, our underlying framework is based on the simple but pertinent 5 C’s – Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions.

Investment grade corporate bonds and high yield bonds provide more attractive pick-ups as compared to government bonds. Our research services therefore focuses on primarily High Yield and the Investment-grade bonds.

High Yield:

We assist you in the process by building forecast cash flow models, covenant analysis, stress testing, and scenario analysis. We also monitor your portfolio and watchlist on an ongoing basis and report any changes in conditions of individual names.

Investment Grade:

We produce actionable credit research reports covering individual issuers, sectors, or regions. Based on your need, we can provide a gamut of services starting from simple desk notes to actionable sell-side reports. We also help you generate investment ideas and conduct thematic analyses.

Credit Ratings analysis:

Cresco conducts comprehensive analyses on the financial and operating risks of individual names to predict a change in credit ratings of debt securities.

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