Resource Based.

Effort based model - cost is a function of the total execution time and resource experience.
Provide greater flexibility in terms of assignments that can be completed by the analyst, at a given level of expertise.
Useful where the projects are not standardized or the quantum of work is unknown.

Project Based.

Fixed price product based model – pay per assignment or service bundle.
Useful for standardized projects. Effort is calculated based on industry standard estimation techniques and tools.
Delivery optimized process ensures timely and high quality output. Invoicing is done on achieving defined project specific milestones.

Dedicated Resources / Outsourced.

Fixed cost model – allows you to manage your budget without the worrying about cost escalations.
Engage our trained staff at our locations - allows complete control over the development of the project and team.
Transparent, secure, flexible and scalable way of working for standardized projects.

In-House Resources / Secondment

Onsite analyst model – resources working at your specified location at competitive market rates.
Useful when the FTE resource has to interact with many of your staff on a continuous and ongoing basis.
Can be used to train the trainer as well.

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