Information is power and we provide you with the right insights at the right time. However, in this era of information revolution, there is a serious risk of information overload. There is a need to get the relevant information and insight in a timely manner to make effective decisions. Our gamut of Information Support services allow you to get to the right information at the right time, thereby optimizing process and costs and aiding efficient and effective decision-making.

Services Include:


We have dedicated analysts who prepare for you daily market updates as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly capital market round-up reports based on your preference. We also provide periodic M&A newsletters for our investment banking clients.

News Monitoring and Event analysis:

We monitor news and events on a daily basis and we provide news and event based updates. We also generate watch lists based on pre-defined parameters for companies and sectors under coverage.

Database Maintenance:

We work with financial data aggregators and provide a team of information specialists who work on populating and maintaining the database.

Library services:

We provide custom-made quick consulting solutions that include, company information packs, sector information and valuation reports on all types of asset classes. We publish Merger and Acquisition and other updates, and other company/sector/country/economy news updates.

Other information services include:

Business Development and Sales Collateral Support
Creation of White Labelled Whitepapers

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