Macro-economic and country-specific factors are important determinants of investment risks and returns, and analysis of the same is intrinsic to the investment decision-making process. We analyze the investment environment for you and predict its impact on your investment decisions. Some of the analysis and work products that we create for you are:

Macro-economic analysis:

It is of paramount importance in the investment decision-making process to be able to predict the economic movements in advance. We assist you in the forecasting process through an analysis of the macro-economic indicators.

Country & sector investment attractiveness studies:

We analyze sector-specific and country-specific factors to recommend the attractiveness of these sectors and countries from an investment standpoint. It includes a comprehensive PESTLE analysis of the country or sector.

Country investment reports:

This includes a review of the macro-economic and the capital markets to determine the investment climate in the countries under research.

Country/Sector primers:

A fundamental aspect of investing is understanding the sectors/countries that you invest in. Our Country/Sector primers provide a quick snapshot that provides insightful information and analysis and helps you get a bird’s eye view of the sectors/countries of interest.

Thematic reports:

We review global data, discover current patterns and develop themes. We then develop an investment thesis based on these themes.

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