We are your partners through the entire transaction life cycle, from origination to execution. We enable and empower you with a combination of our deep understanding of deal making processes and the analytical brilliance of our team. We free your bandwidth to concentrate on the strategic aspects of your business as we take care of the operating functions. Our objective is to provide you with the best-in-class services and yet reduce your existing costs of operations and augment your revenue growth.

We have significant experience working with both bulge-bracket full-service investment banks as well as boutique mid-market investment banks. We have also worked with private equity and venture capitalists, helping them with their transaction support needs. We create standardized methodologies and documentation that are customized for your needs, thereby increasing your efficiency and reducing turnaround time. It also ensures that the team consistently maintains the high quality of deliverables day in and day out.

We also acknowledge that although processes and standardization are important, individual judgment, creativity and application are equally important. For that reason, we invest a lot of our efforts in ensuring that our analysts are the best and that they are not only driven merely by processes.

Services Include:

Pre-deal Support:

We assist you throughout the deal origination and business development process. We map the markets based on your parameters, identify the prospects, profile the prospects, initiate contact with them and develop your pitch to them.

Opportunity Mapping

Mapping entire sectors and categorization of companies based on pre-defined verticals.

Prospect Identification

Shortlisting and identifying companies that might need your services.

Prospect Profiling

Creating short profiles to understand prospects better and a more focused pitch.

Pitchdeck Preparation

Creating pitch decks for your client in collaboration with you.

We also assist with regular information requirements, such as, external and internal newsletters, briefing packs, market updates, and library services. For more information, please check our Information Support solutions.

Deal Support:

We lend you a helping hand through the process of identifying potential investors/buyers or targets, analyzing markets, as well as the documentation and research process. We will partner you till the consummation of the transaction. We thereby ensure a faster closure of transactions and frees your time pursue larger number of deals. Our service offerings to the sell-side includes:

Market Analysis

Industry Assessment Competitor Analysis Valuation Analyses (Comps).

Memorandum Development

Pitch Book PPM/ CIM Transaction Modeling Investor Presentation.

Investor Identification

Potential investor/buyer lists Screening Establish contact and initiate discussion.

Deal Structuring

Modeling for deal structure Dilution/ Accretion Analysis.

For buy-side engagements, we generally assist you through the entire process of investment evaluation.

Market Evaluation

Industry Assessment Target Identification Company Profiling Valuation Analyses (Comps).

Memorandum Evaluation

Independent market/ business evaluation Models/ Projection Validation Recommendation summary.

Due Diligence

Market due diligence Financial due diligence Commercial due diligence Background checks.

Deal Structuring

Modeling for deal structure Dilution/ Accretion Analysis Returns and Waterfall Analysis.

Post-Deal Support:

This line of service is primarily for Private Equity clients who have to manage a portfolio of companies that they have a stake in. There is an on-going need to review the performance of the companies on a regular basis. We will, on your behalf, carry out regular performance reviews of your portfolio companies and at the time of exit, devise the optimal exit strategy for you.

Performance Review of Portfolio Companies:

We analyze the performance of the companies in your portfolio and recommend value-accretive strategies. We benchmark the portfolio companies with its peers based on both financial and operating metrics and analyze the reasons for the variance. We then provide an analysis of the performance and recommend strategies for value enhancement.

Devising Exit Strategy & pitch document preparation:

Once you are ready to exit a portfolio company, we will work with you to devise an exit strategy. We will carry out valuation analyses and also help prepare the required documents (pitch book, information memorandum etc.) We will also assist you find potential buyers.

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