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Our people define us. They are the ones who drive us forward with their passion, curiosity and expertise. Having the best team members makes us great. It is our endeavor to include those who can contribute to our common goals while enriching the culture of the company.

So what do we look for?

We seek to attract highest quality talent who want to learn and challenge their limits. We believe initiative and empathy are key qualities in our field of work; people who listen well, understand articulated and unarticulated client needs and can devise solutions. We look for depth of knowledge. We seek both experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates who have the analytical rigor and the professionalism to cater to top financial institutions and corporates. We value ethical team members who take ownership of their actions and are honest to their work. Self-motivation and innovation are also key qualities that we look for in an individual.

What does Cresco offer?

Cresco is a flat organization with very open communication. Communication is one of our strengths and we encourage others to communicate freely as well.

Best Practices Exposure:

Our senior members have the exposure of working with some of the largest global clients and brings with them the experience. You will get the opportunity to get exposed to the best global practices and also work with global clients.

Open Work Culture:

We at Cresco encourage open communication. Groundbreaking ideas can come from anyone. It does not matter who. Our team members have the confidence to speak their mind, and at the same time, are open to scathing criticism. We believe constructive conflict is good for an organization and it is okay to disagree. We therefore encourage team members to have a mind of their own and share unique viewpoints to a situation.

Knowledge Sharing and Professional Development:

We empower our team members with the requisite knowledge and training to be successful in the professional world. Your success means we are successful. We therefore have a comprehensive training plan, both standard and customized to help you improve your performance and efficiency.

Entrepreneurial Exposure:

We are a growing firm and this provides an opportunity to be exposed to different business functions at an early stage of your career.

If you think you have it in you to grow and learn with us, we would be happy to take a look at your profile. Please do not forget to share a few lines about you, your reasons for sending us your profile and how you think you can contribute.

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