Corporate strategy formulation is a key service offering to small and medium enterprises, to help define action plans focused on growth and performance. With our focused evaluation of the current situation and suggested implementation strategies, we assist our clients to define policies and best practices, streamline processes and primarily to deliver significant performance improvements.

Usually, strategy formulation entails a series of sequential actions as they are interlinked. However, business environment scanning and continuous implementation can be undertaken through the process as both are ongoing needs. The other steps include :

a) Defining organizational values, core ideology and an envisioned future;
b) Identify areas of strategic thrusts and map structure, finances, processes, people accordingly;
c) Correlate core competencies with market need to measure current and future revenue potential;
d)Define ways of continuous improvements.

Services Include:

External Environment Assessment
Internal Environment Assessment
Defining core competencies
Business Process Mapping & Improvement
Financial planning

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